Papercrete, fibrous cement, and paper adobe are remarkably inexpensive building materials utilizing recycled paper and cardboard.

Second Edition of our Papercrete Book is now available

The second edition of our book, “Building with Papercrete and Paper Adobe,” is now available. At 150 pages, it contains 54 pages of new information.

Here’s what a reader from California has to say about our book:

“The papercrete book arrived yesterday and I’ve already read it once – now I’m studying it. This book more than adequately arms the amateur builder/experimenter with the knowledge to not only build confidently with papercrete and padobe, but also to discover for themselves new applications and variations. Several of my friends have backgrounds in construction, engineering, and in my case, architecture: all of us have eagerly awaited your book, and I know none will be disappointed (except that they will have to wait for me to finish!).”

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$32 US

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$46 rest of world

$32 US

$33 Canada

$46 rest of world

(Book and DVD)

$60 US

$62 Canada

$74 rest of world

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Gordon Solberg
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Laura and I are no longer doing papercrete. It's great stuff. Our office is made of papercrete and our guest house is made of paper adobe. But we simply don't have time to be papercrete promoters. We are homesteaders and beekeepers, and this is a full-time job. Info about our honey is available at our other website,

Papercrete blocks are now available in southern NM.
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As we always say: DON’T WORRY, MAKE SLURRY!