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struct14web.jpg (30242 bytes)
Tim Pye's 3000-square-foot papercrete house under construction in AZ. On the left is the poured wall; on the right are his forms. In the foreground is the pump he uses to pump slurry from the mixer into the forms.
struct24web.jpg (26840 bytes)
Hybrid papercrete/Earthship being built on Vancouver Island by Rick Price.
struct34web.jpg (32982 bytes)
Another view of Rick Price's structure.
struct44web.jpg (34861 bytes)
Another view of Rick Price's structure.
struct54web.jpg (29192 bytes)
Bette Heeftle's geodesic dome, covered inside and out with papercrete. 
Crestone, CO.
struct64web.jpg (23687 bytes)
Andy Hopkins and Laura Solberg in front of Andy's papercrete house, 
Crestone, CO
struct84web.jpg (24039 bytes)
Andy Hopkins and Nancy Telos in front of their papercrete house.
struct74web.jpg (24132 bytes)
Another view of Andy and Nancy's house.
struct94web.jpg (18315 bytes)
This view shows the flatness of Andy's papercrete roof. 14,000 Sangre de Cristo mountains in background.
struct104web.jpg (39173 bytes)
Andy's ceiling showing construction details.
struct114web.jpg (24122 bytes)
Front view of Virginia Nabity's 800-square-foot papercrete addition onto her straw bale house, Cortez, CO. Straw bale on left, papercrete on right.
struct124web.jpg (20633 bytes)
Rear view of Virginia Nabity's house.
ericpatterson1.jpg (45307 bytes)
Eric Patterson next to his 600-square-foot papercrete bedroom/living room he added on to his adobe home.  The walls are 12" thick, and have an approximate R value of 36.
ericpatterson2.jpg (31478 bytes)
Another view of Eric's addition.
andyhopkins.jpg (45731 bytes)
Papercrete block construction is nearly the same as traditional brick construction, except the blocks are much lighter, and because of the porous nature of the blocks final coating can be much easier.
privacywall.jpg (46293 bytes)
Eric next to a 200 foot perimeter wall made of papercrete using slipforms.
ericpatterson3.jpg (57625 bytes)
Eric's 14 foot paper dome, completed in 1991.  The walls are 7" thick.
circular.jpg (77457 bytes)
The house that Mike McCain is building for his mother is 40' in diameter and 8' high.  This picture from March '98 shows the walls almost completed.
seansands2.jpg (65340 bytes)
Sean Sands in front of his papercrete home.  This house contains no wood,  The main arches were formed with wire "livestock panels" curved into position and coovered with 1" chickenwire.  Then the wire was covered with a slurry of well-drained fibrous cement.
seansands1.jpg (41180 bytes)
Sean Sands' house 1999
Covered with paper adobe.
guesthouse.jpg (46492 bytes)
Earthbag guesthouse covered with papercrete.
Crestone, CO
pcoffice.jpg (76401 bytes)
Our nearly-completed papercrete office.
Radium Springs, NM
pccaneroof.jpg (104519 bytes)
Slurry applied over a cane roof.
oldestpcdome1983.jpg (36016 bytes)
Papercrete dome 
Tucson, AZ
Built in 1983, this is the oldest papercrete structure we know of. Built with steel conduit bent into circles, fastened and raised.
paulreavis.jpg (57618 bytes)
Paul Reavis' hybrid barn in Wisconsin. 
Cordwood mortared together with papercrete. Built in 1988, this structure has held up very well.

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